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Just e Pay is a PCI Complaint payment portal engine used by iLEMS™ (Integrated Licensing and Enforcement System) and various Online Applications like License Renewal, Initial Licensure Applications etc.

Licensing Boards charge various fees for professional licenses, which are collected using Credit or Debit card.

A convenience fee will be charged in addition to the licensing fees to process these credit or debit card to offset the charges from Visa /Mastercard/ Discover/ American Express and is non-refundable.

About Us

Just e Pay is an electronic credit card payment portal built into iLEMS™ (Integrated Licensing and Enforcement Management System) used by State Licensing Boards in Alabama, Arizona, and Mississippi to name a few. .

Licensing Boards use iLEMS™ to issue new professional license or renew existing license. Professional License fee is paid using secure online payment engine using credit or debit card. .

Just e Pay charges a flat $3.50 or 4% of the fee as a convenience fee to cover charges from Visa / Mastercard / Discover / American Express to process these credit / debit cards, transfer the payment from merchant bank to State’s treasury etc.


Q. What is Just e Pay?
A. Just e Pay is online system for accepting electronic payments. Just e pay is a secure, PCI complaint, encrypted, digital credit or debit card transactions that allows you to make payment for various professional licenses.

Q. Is there an extra fee to use Just e Pay?
A. Yes, it is called convenience fee. We charge either $3.50 flat or 4% of professional license fee to cover credit card processing fee from Visa/ Mastercard/ Discover/ American Express, fee associated to transfer the payment from merchant bank to the State’s treasury.

Q. What is Just e Pay?
A. Yes, all transactions are carried over secure socket layer connection, meaning that all your credit card information entered will be encrypted when sent through a secure payment gateway for approval. Just e Pay carries PCI compliance certificate from Trustwave, an industry leader.